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Whole 30 Menu: Week One

Whole 30 Menu: Week One

What to eat? What to eat?  Hmm, more like what not to eat!

I did a Whole 30 in January of 2015.  It was awesome.  Since then we eat much better.  Not strictly Whole 30 (because that is not the point of the plan), but we eat really well.  I tend to use Whole 30 as my base for weekly meal plans so I thought those in need might enjoy a nice laid out meal plan.


Breakfast: Antipasto – most days for me it is two boiled eggs, either a sliced cucumber or red pepper, and a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and/or raspberries & blackberries

Lunch: Antipasto – most days this is a simple salad of greens on hand, mostly baby spinach, carrot sticks, grilled chicken (made in bulk for the week), a small cup of Kalamata olives and an apple or orange.

Dinner: Chicken Nuggets with Roasted Japanese Eggplant


Breakfast: Antipasto

Lunch: Antipasto

Dinner: Asian Meatballs & Baked Zoodle Shoestring Fries


Breakfast: Antipasto

Lunch: Antipasto

Dinner: Teriyaki Salmon & Roasted Cardamom Sweet Potatoes


Breakfast: Antipasto

Lunch: Antipasto

Dinner: The Whole 30 Chili


Breakfast: Antipasto

Lunch: Antipasto/ Leftover Chili

Dinner: Roast Chicken* with Vegetables

*make two if you won’t have enough leftover to pull off for the Chinese Chicken Salad tomorrow


Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, and sliced cucumber and/ or peppers

Lunch: Chinese Chicken Salad

Dinner: Sausage (Aidell’s Chicken & Apple) & Hasselback Potatoes


Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, and sliced cucumber and/ or peppers

Lunch: Chinese Chicken Salad

Dinner: Pan-Fried Fish with Cold Zoodle Salad


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