Time to Eat!

Time to Eat!


I am a super busy (like the rest of the world) homeschooling mom of two little boys.  I have always loved food.  Unfortunately, I was raised during the fat is bad, carbs are good movement.  After, I became a wee
bit less active and had my two little nuggets I was supporting a very maternal belly (three years post-partum).  Did I mention I’m really good baker?  I love baking.

Determining that now was the time to nip all that nonsense in the bud I looked for a way to get my family back on track.  The logic behind Paleo works for my brain. After dabbling around with Paleo dishes here
and there, but still having too much take out, delivery, fast food, and sugar (How has it happened that there is now a sugar-laden holiday every time we finally get rid of the last batch of candy?), the new year rolled around and the hubs and I decided something needed to give.  If not it would be the seems in all our clothes.  Things were getting tight and pretty uncomfortable.  That is when we committed to the Whole 30.

They say it’s life changing because it is.  There are things going in I wouldn’t have believed coming out, but so much of what is outlined in the plan is true.

Many people transition from Whole 30 to Paleo or Paleo-ish.  But, really, it’s just eating good clean food. It’s also a lot of cooking.  This was definitely different cooking than I had previously done on a regular basis.  I mean, I always knew how to make dinner, but this is all real clean ingredients all the time.  All the time.  Even when you’re tired.  Even when it’s easier to order Chinese.  All the time.

So, this was the birth of the blog.  So, much good food.  It must be shared!

I thank you for letting me share our food with you and yours. Hopefully, you will enjoy this food journey as much as we have (after detoxing all the crap out of your body…that part is not enjoyable).

Let’s get cooking! Join me while we cook and tweak and cook and tweak and eat voraciously!


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