Whole30 Getting Ready: 10 Tips from the Trenches

Whole30 Getting Ready: 10 Tips from the Trenches

Whole30 is an amazing journey to give yourself.  And, while it’s only thirty days it is also not the easiest thing.  Here are some tips to make your Whole30 a success.  These are from our own experience and the knowledge of many Whole30 veterans.

Adults devise a plan and follow it. Children do what feels good. ~Dave Ramsey

1. Learn to Love Leftovers

Make meals with the intent of leftovers. Most meals can be easily double or even tripled.  Plan for that.  Having leftover will give you easy lunches and dinner if you run into one of “those” nights where normally you might just order in.

2. Make Mayo

Mayonnaise is one of those condiments that make some people lose their minds. Don’t give up.  Once you master it you have the best base for all kinds of sauces and dips. (For me the game changer was an immersion blender, haven’t failed since.)

3. Journal

At the bare minimum take all your measurements and snap a pic before you start. You don’t have to do some sort of crazy Bujo just jot down a few lines each day. How are you feeling? Do you like your meal?  Did you do something today that made you feel successful?  Did you conquer a craving?

4. Get your mind right with a bigger Grocery Bill

Even if you are doing a Whole30 on a budget your grocery bill will go up!  Just know this to be true.  It will balance out because you will not be spending money dining out or on dessert and alcohol.

5. Love Yourself, Ignore the Negatives

You are undertaking this journey for you.  Not everyone will be on board or understand why you can just…have a glass of wine, eat a slice of your niece’s first birthday cake, or whatever. Family, friends, random people in the grocery store may feel the need to educate you about your decisions. Prepare yourself to listen, smile and love yourself enough to do it for you. Later when you are a success they will ask you all the hows.

6. Breakfast is Just a Meal

You don’t have to eat breakfast food for breakfast! It’s just another meal. Have a salad. Eat your leftovers…put an egg on it if you like.  But the time of day does not need to dictate the type of food you eat.

7. Plan to Eat!

Never skip a meal! And always be prepared for the next meal.  Your meals don’t have to be fancy and they definitely can repeat.  This is not deprivation this plan is a well oiled machine don’t go off the rails and then complain it doesn’t work.

8. Get Informed

Read the books or scour the Whole30 website.  Nearly all the information is there and the whole plan is. Join some groups. There are many facebook groups and Whole30 hosts their own forum.  Use other people to help you on your journey.

9. Plan for Failure

I don’t mean expect failure but do decide before you begin what you will do if you slip or realize you ate something non-compliant.  Will you restart? Will you keep going?  It may help to think of the why behind the slip. Did you decide to eat something you weren’t supposed to or did you use a spice you didn’t realize had sugar in it?

10. Prepare for Illness

Medicine and your doctor always trump Whole30.  But, if you just have a cold what can you do if you get ill?  Most cough drops have sweeteners.  This may be a good time to check your daily vitamins (if it’s chewable it almost certainly is non-compliant).  I took a probiotic during my Whole30, on others recommendations, that it would alleviate many common stomach problems people run into on Whole30.

The main thing for Whole30 success is to prepare, prepare, prepare.  Hopefully, these ten tips will get you thinking about hwo to best prepare for your perfect Whole30.

Good Luck and share your favorite tips in the comments!

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